Illustrations for EO Magazine

Two illustrations I did for an article in a special of EO magazine, about how quarreling can be constructive in a relationship. 

As long as the dog stays dry

This one is called ‘As long as the dog stays dry.’ Based on the idea that people go to great lenghts to please their pets.
For example, I am heavily allergic to cats, but I would allow the neighbour’s cats in our house and sit and hair on all of our furniture. As a result I feel quite sick in my own home the whole time. But hey, as long as they are happy..

Childrens book for publisher Field

After finishing the project I have to admit: I became quite an admirer of the works of artist Marc Chagall. I illustrated more than 15 spreads for this childrens book about the life of Chagall. Google translate was my best friend in this period, translating Russian into English and Dutch :) 

Katya Food Tours

With every new season comes with new food tastings. Katya is charming and witty and will show you around in Amsterdam. Lots of (fun) facts and typical snacks are provided along the way. I designed some merchandise for Katya, a really unique and wonderful assignment. 

Recipe Booklet for publisher Loopvis

There’s a new Kakkerlakje in town! One of the nicest projects of 2020 can finally be admired in print and I am beyond proud to be part of the Kakkerlakjes family. This little booklet with healthy recipes for people that need a little extra energy (who doesn’t?) is written by Charis Heising and Estée Strooker and is entirely illustrated by moi!

‘...En weer door’ is available in the Kakkerlakjes webshop and in your local book store.

All images, prints & illustrations © Wendy Denissen